We're getting down to the wire...

Why on earth did I pick these next four days to be out of town? There's so much to be done - phonecalls to potential entertainers and Kid Tent activity providers, radio stations to contact, tchotchkes to count and price, and I STILL DON'T HAVE A STAGE! AAAH!! This is only the second year that we at the Hyde Park Education Foundation (HPEF) have put on this GINORMOUS fund-raiser known as the Field of Honor, and just when I thought things were going well, the stage, er... rug, was pulled out from underneath us. We have plenty of contacts, though, so I am hoping that something will come through while I am away.

If you ever wondered what retirement means, for me, it means volunteering a great amount of my time and talent for the HPEF. I hope that the time I spent lining up musical entertainment and Kid Tent activities will result in more people seeing the 300+ flags flying, and feeling the positive spirit that they create. Last year, watching those flags unfurled in the breeze, I was filled with hope for the future, and pride in the past and present. Maybe this year, some more people will be so awestruck that they will want to help support the HPEF with creating this event again in 2020! I have a few more phonecalls to make, and laundry to finish, so I'll sign off with some words from a song that will be performed by the 2019 FDR Reunion Chorus: "Let this promise in me start like an anthem in my heart, and we will come back home again." LGWoolever

Laurie Woolever